Veterans park gets ‘Irish Spring’ cleaning

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Huntsville City workers were out early on Thursday morning taking care of…quite an odd scene.

A towering mountain of white suds overflowed the main fountain at Veteran’s Memorial Park, in what could possibly be a St. Patrick’s Day prank.

It’s unknown at this time how long it will take to entirely rid the park of the soapy heap, but the area is expected to look much cleaner than yesterday.

City workers cleaning the area told News 19 the incident happened between 7 and 8 Wednesday night.

Crews will first attempt to clear out the suds with water. If that doesn’t work, the next plan of action is to add a chemical solution to the fountain to help dilute the soapy mess.

Kelly Schrimsher with the City of Huntsville says they take any level of vandalism seriously. She says despite the fact that this may be more of a nuisance, they will be “carefully reviewing surveillance footage” to determine the culprits.

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