Tips to avoid parking tickets at Huntsville’s MidCity district

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Some drivers at Huntsville’s MidCity district are failing to follow the “back-in” parking rule for certain parts of the complex.

Crews put up more signs in the designated spots along MidCity Drive to make drivers more aware, but many are still ignoring the rules – and they’re paying for it.

City officials say back-in parking was installed in the district when it was built for the urban design concept and to provide a safe flow of traffic.

Communications specialists with the City of Huntsville say concerns were raised last year for pedestrian safety due to lack of visibility of the signs.

Parking enforcement has now doubled the number of “back-in parking only” signs. They gave out warnings for a few months before issuing tickets.

“The purpose of installing back-in parking in such a district is to allow for better visibility for those drivers,” said Director of Traffic Engineering Nick Nene. “So, if you’re backing in and want to leave, you have a broad view of what’s in front of you.”

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA), back-in parking is better for pedestrians and drivers in general. Data shows it significantly reduces the number of crashes when properly implemented.

If you need a helping hand on how to properly back in at Mid City, click here.

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