This online store dares its customers to trust their instincts and shop with their eyes closed

When it comes to purchasing products and services, online shopping has become the go-to option for most Singaporeans including writer QY Tan. While shopping online, she came across a website that offers a unique shopping experience.

I do much of my shopping online these days – from books and furniture to clothes and groceries. I am one of the shoppers who have contributed to the estimated US$8 billion (S$10.9 billion) worth of Internet sales transactions that took place in Singapore in 2021. During the pandemic, all of us have turned to the Internet to shop. 

In other words, online shopping is ubiquitous. It’s efficient and practical, it can get you the best bargains, it can save you all the time but let’s admit it, it’s so boring that it is almost a chore. Most websites look similar, with pages after pages of product photos and captions. 

So I was pleasantly surprised to come upon Singapore’s very own silk scarves website SilkSpells.com. I knew I was on to something unique and innovative when the banner slogan, “It’s better to be a pirate than join the navy”, greeted me on the homepage.

The saying is one of three that the late Apple founder Steve Jobs offered to his employees at an off-site retreat in 1983 in California. Back then, he and his team were working on the Mac and Jobs wanted to motivate his staff. To be a pirate meant being a bold, courageous risk-taker. 

These qualities definitely resonated with me and I couldn’t wait to experience this ‘shop like a pirate’ concept. Intrigued, I reached out to SilkSpells’ founder Vandana Bhagat, to learn more about this new concept. According to her, it means shopping adventurously “with your instinct” and enjoying the element of serendipity and surprise in one’s online purchases.  

A whole new (adventurous) way of shopping online

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