The Simple And Safe Answer For School Safety

Creating new laws that will stand between the citizen and gun ownership and concomitantly spending $45,000,000,000.00,  unnecessarily gives the government more control and more power


Of course, it involves the “M Word”.

Just before I once again turned off Hugh Hewitt this morning, he said that Red Flag laws carefully drawn and hardening schools would solve the school gun shooting problem.

The cost for two highly trained officers in each school in the US would cost about $45,000,000,000.00 a year. And, carefully drawn Red Flag laws wouldn’t jeopardize gun ownership.

Of course Hewitt is a typical middle of the road Republican claiming to be a Conservative, only concerned with real liberty as a concept. 

If we were to have Red Flag laws that worked, then there should be no need for Hardened Schools. And, if we have Hardened Schools, then we wouldn’t need Red Flag laws.

Of course Hewitt let us know he has taught Constitutional law and the Second Amendment, and Red Flag laws wouldn’t contradict the Second Amendment or inhibit gun ownership.

Problem is he doesn’t have a clue about the Second Amendment.

I am running for the Tennessee General Assembly on a Militia proposal campaign.

The answer to the school shootings is contained in the wording of the Second Amendment – and its intent.

First, one must understand that many towns have volunteer fire departments and even volunteer police and sheriffs. One must assume that they are adequately trained for their jobs when they are called upon to perform them

In a democratic republic, there are obligations and responsibilities as well as rights and privileges.

Schools wouldn’t need specially trained officers if they had members of Local Militia Organizations with some additional training for school protection.  These would be local citizens volunteering for school protection duty. 

Utilizing community members would lessen the need for a new liberty infringing bureaucracy and save $45,000,000,000.00

Most people think of the Second Amendment as “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,” and look at that as the actionable clause.  At the same time, most people look at the “preparatory” clause,  “A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free state” – as a royal pain in the appendage; actually wishing that clause weren’t there – so that they would know in their hearts  that carrying a plastic gun in their back pocket is not dependent on the existence  of  the Militia.

Well, if you read Heller correctly, you realize that what you thought you knew is right. Gun ownership is a pre governmental right.  The Second Amendment is there to support the Militia – and if you read some previous writings (you can follow this in my unpublished book – Guns Guardian of Liberty) you will understand the lack of dependency on the Militia for gun ownership. On the other hand, gun ownership is necessary for the Militia. The Militia depends upon gun ownership.

Without going into the meaning of the word “Regulated” which is completely misunderstood, if Local Militia Organizations existed, there would be more than enough volunteers for school protection duty – local residents; some of whom, who might even have children in school.

While we are facing a breakdown in basic morality in this country, and the lack of armed teachers is the present condition in our schools, any other solution but turning to Local Militia Organization members completely ignores American history and how a Democratic Republic functions.  

Creating new laws that will stand between the citizen and gun ownership and concomitantly spending $45,000,000,000.00,  unnecessarily gives the government more control and more power. 

Joel Goodman — Bio and Archives

Joel is an independent candidate for Tennessee’s General Assembly. His pro-Liberty,  pro-Militia stance speaks to all citizens. His website is Joel Goodman 2022.

His campaign slogan is The Militia Came First

He respects the Constitution, but believes Liberty is in your heart, Not on a piece of paper

He is a freelance writer and author of “Dance With The Shadow Machine” – a dystopian novel about a security oriented society based on a digitized monetary system – much like the society facing America. He posts his articles on Joel Goodman.

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