The Chic Home: Pandemic living for couple in two-bedroom condo unit

SINGAPORE – Second-time home owners Aaron Thio and Mabel Wee bought this 990 sq ft two-bedroom condominium apartment at Holland Hill just as countries worldwide were beginning to detect their first Covid-19 cases.

As the apartment had tenants at the time, the couple – both in their 30s – had to wait a few months before starting renovation work.

By then, Covid-19 had become a full-blown pandemic and working from home, virtual meetings and food delivery were the new daily norms for most people, including Mr Thio and Ms Wee, who both work in finance.

Mr Joey Khu, director of Joey Khu Interior Design, worked on the couple’s first home. As he knew the couple’s tastes, they gave him carte blanche for the second home as well.

To clearly define the threshold between the entrance and the rest of the home, Mr Khu added a sliding timber door. The latticework gives it the appearance of a movable wall feature while a small flap in the door opens to allow access to the wall-mounted intercom system behind it.

The private lift lobby leads to the dining area, where Ms Wee spends most of her time at her laptop on a typical work-from-home day. “Everything is within easy reach, especially my coffee nook,” she says. It sits in a corner of the bay window in the dining area. The drawers below provide ample storage for cups and glassware.

Removing one door creates a more seamless flow to the back door at one end of the kitchen. The galley-style kitchen layout maximises the efficiency of the long, narrow configuration. The hood, hob, oven and sink are arranged on one side with a view over the counter, while the refrigerator and washing machine line the opposite wall.

Flipping the position of the sofa frees up the wall that runs along the length of the living room, making space for a series of built-in cabinets, a flat-screen television and a console.

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