Students learning entrepreneurial skills hope to unite Decatur

DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – Students found a way to promote solidarity in their community while learning a lesson in entrepreneurship. The students enrolled in the “Decatur-Morgan CEO Program” and decided they wanted to bring some much-needed positivity to their community.

Students in the program are learning about buying and selling, of course, but they chose to start a business venture that’s about more than learning how to make a profit.

They may look like regular tee shirts but for these students who created them, it reflects how they embraced diversity in their classroom. Diversity, they say, is something that they always wanted to have within the community.

Mac Hurst, a Decatur Heritage Christian Academy student, said,” We’ve made these tee shirts because we think Decatur is divided. We think that since there are three high schools the high school life in Decatur is super divided.”

Each day these seven aspiring future business leaders meet at 6:45 a.m. as part of the Decatur Morgan Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities elective class and come up with creative ways to run a business.

“They could have done anything. They could have started a candy business, they could have started a food type of business, but they chose to do something and be social entrepreneurs. And bring change about in their community and that’s huge,” said Meagan Schwindling the facilitator for the Decatur-Morgan CEO program.

The students plan to sell the shirts through their venture titled “Decatur Together”. Buyers will receive discounts to locally run restaurants and stores. As part of the program, the students met with the Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce in December to present them with their idea for the shirts.

“We chose Decatur Together Day to be on January 14th because it is starting off MLK weekend and Martin Luther King wanted us all to be as one. He was a powerful man that wanted to bring everyone together,” said Austin High School student Camille Woodruff.

“As a community, we all feel like we should all work together and that we should work as one,” Hurst added.

A Decatur Together shirt can be purchased here.

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