Socialite Kim Lim and fiance tie the knot on 22/2/22

The daughter of billionaire Peter Lim donned an all-white Vera Wang wedding gown on Tuesday.

She also wore a custom-made traditional gown while her fiance wore a custom-made robe, according to an exclusive report by Chinese fashion and lifestyle magazine Icon on its website.

During the tea ceremony, the 30-year-old bride wept when her father gave a hongbao (red packet) after drinking a cup of tea offered by his son-in-law.

It contained a $10,000 banknote, which Singapore has stopped issuing in 2014, and a handwritten note by Mr Lim.

“Dear Hwee & Leslie, this special note has followed pa for a very long time and overcame many difficult years. Treasure it. All the best wishes for the future,” he wrote.

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