Security or Liberty – The Choice Is Once Again Ours

The novel may have been written only twenty years ago, but the story upon which it is based is very old – rewritten as recently in 1776 – and possibly to be re-written again very soon


As the protagonist in the novel Dance With The Shadow Machine, (Quiltron Press 2002) crosses from the North American Mormon Free Territory / Utah State, into the California Region, Allied Nations American District –  at the checkpoint he is advised –

“Sir, I also see your car does not possess a law enforcement Anti-Chase Device. By entering American jurisdiction you understand that you will be allowing law enforcement the option to use lethal force to stop you in the event that you force police authorities to engage in a high-speed chase to apprehend you. Please move to the Welcome Center where you will be issued a temporary bracelet ID Device that you are required to wear until your departure, or until your imbedded TC account device is verified to be on-line.” She paused for a moment before continuing, as she, again, studied the readout on her glasses display. “We will need a urine sample and a security profile from you in order to process your visa.”

The “Anti-Chase Device” referred to is an engine ‘kill switch,” which has existed for many years, and which Ray Di Lorenzo has just pointed out on these pages, is being recommended to be mandated to be put into in all new vehicles. 

An auto kill switch is only a small part of what is being done to Americans and the world in order to gain full population control and deny freedom of movement – masks, vaccine mandates, control of bank accounts, gasoline and food shortages, etc.

The book also discusses digitized money, a forty trillion dollar debt, government monetary default, ubiquitous monitoring and a virus aimed at culling older people from Social Security – albeit through an imbedded chip.

The point is not what was predicted twenty years ago –  the point is that only the methods of control that a tyrannical government uses have changed since # Germany. The desire for governments to control has always been there. 

The intent of the US government to control became undeniable with the passage of the USA Patriot Act. The method became obvious with the development of the personal computer, smart devices, the growing use of credit card payments on the web and the electronic digitization and storage of mass amounts of personal information.

Joe Biden’s backers stole the Presidency, are destroying the country from within and from without, and have now instituted a Propaganda Agency to keep hidden what has been done and what more will be done to finalize full control over the United States.  As this occurs in plain sight there is no true opposition in Congress – some talk, but no real visceral response.  There is no Congressman standing at their desk screaming – “There is no way in hell this propaganda board gets created – over my dead body.” You couldn’t get 56 leaders to sign the Declaration of Independence today.

What part of “Congress shall make no law respecting… or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press” does not apply to a national Disinformation Governance Board? 

The board is obviously nothing less than a Third Reich propaganda ministry.

To say that the fascist connection between big tech and government must be cut is an understatement. What must be done is a recreation of the energy that existed at the time of the founding of the United States. The plug on the Federal Government must be pulled, just as the connection with England was pulled.

That the Government of the United States must be severely limited over what it has control, and that all control other than what is absolutely necessary for a stable government must be returned “to the states respectively, or to the people” is the only way towards salvation.

The problem for us is that we have come to believe that the Constitution will save us; that it has some meaning and effect in a tyrannical world. It does not; no more than Neville Chamberlain’s Peace Agreement with Hitler in 1938 saved the world from war.

Liberty is in your heart not on a piece of paper

So, each day of complaining about what the “Democrats” are doing, rather than getting our elected representative to follow our mandates, the road back to Liberty becomes longer and more difficult and more reliant on an armed struggle rather than a political solution.

The answer on how the government is to be limited is up to us. The sniveling Quisling representatives in governments all across the United States and in Washington must be forced to act with the Liberty of their constituents as their priority, or the hill to hell upon which we are sliding will become ever more steep.  Congressmen have local town halls and coffee klatches with their constituents. It’s time we get together with a few friends and attend those events and let them know what we want done.

We must also organize into groups prepared for action. Groups can exert more power than individuals.  If your representative is unresponsive, and this means that you have to back an independent candidate and say, “Screw the Republicans,”  that too must be done.

In the novel – what is shown is what has been given up for security.  The novel may have been written only twenty years ago, but the story upon which it is based is very old – rewritten as recently in 1776 – and possibly to be re-written again very soon.

Joel Goodman — Bio and Archives

Joel is an independent candidate for Tennessee’s General Assembly. His pro-Liberty,  pro-Militia stance speaks to all citizens. His website is Joel Goodman 2022.

His campaign slogan is The Militia Came First

He respects the Constitution, but believes Liberty is in your heart, Not on a piece of paper

He is a freelance writer and author of “Dance With The Shadow Machine” – a dystopian novel about a security oriented society based on a digitized monetary system – much like the society facing America. He posts his articles on Joel Goodman.

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