Root Awakening: Fiddle-leaf Fig needs light to thrive

My palm plant seems to be dying. It is placed along the corridor outside my main door and receives afternoon sunlight from the opening to the lift lobby. I have added fertiliser and water it sparingly. What should I do?

Jeremy Tay

The plant is not a true palm, although it looks like one. Its common name is the sago palm and its botanical name is Cycas revoluta.

First, the new leaves look long and stretched. It is a sign that the plant is not receiving enough sunlight. Its current location is at the base of a concrete parapet, which is too dark for the plant. It grows better with at least six hours of direct sunlight daily.

The browning tips of the older leaves could be due to a deficiency in key nutrients such as magnesium. The quickest remedy is to feed your plant regularly with fertiliser that contains magnesium.

Also, check that the soil is well-drained and aerated. Although the plant is drought-tolerant, keep the soil moist. Do not let it dry out totally, as it needs healthy roots to take up nutrients and water.

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