Rogersville Police Officer saves a man’s life

ROGERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — A Rogersville Police Officer is being hailed a hero, along with the rest of the department, following an incident on Wednesday afternoon.

The Rogersville Volunteer Fire Department said they received a call to help the police department with a drug overdose.

The police department arrived on scene first and assessed the situation, quickly realizing the patient was not breathing and had a shallow pulse. After talking with the family, they determined the patient had experienced a drug overdose.

According to authorities, police officer John Randall McCrary gave the patient NARCAN, and soon after the Rogersville Fire Department arrived on scene. The fire crew began to assess the patient and assist his patient.

Within one minute of Officer McCrary giving the patient NARCAN, the patient regained consciousness and started breathing normally.

The Rogersville Fire Department says the police department responds to all calls with them, especially those that could possibly be drug overdoses.

“Due to the quick action of Officer McCrary and the entire Rogersville Police Department, a man’s life was saved today,” the fire department said in a Facebook post. “Thank you Rogersville Police Department for what you do for the Rogersville Community. We appreciate you so much!!!”

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