Pro abortion-rights or anti-abortion: Alabama candidates take a stance

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – After decades of protecting the right to abortion, the overturn of Roe v. Wade spurred many states to ban abortion access. Within hours of the Supreme Court decision, the state of Alabama enacted legislation criminalizing the act, leading many to wonder what comes next for abortion access.

Dale Strong and Kathy Warner-Stanton will face each other in the November general election for Alabama’s 5th U.S. Congressional District. Much like the nation, Strong and Warner-Stanton hold opposing views on abortion rights.

“Life begins at conception,” Strong said. “This is not something I’ve taken a position just today. We need to work harder to close these abortion mills.”

Strong said the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe makes America better.

His opponent, Warner-Stanton, said abortion should be a right and is a part of women’s healthcare. Moreover, she said strict abortion restrictions leave women without options, and if elected, she would vote for legislation protecting abortion rights at the federal level.

“When they overturned it, it brought tears to my eyes because of the simple fact that there wasn’t any outlet for anyone whether rape or incest,” Warner-Stanton said.

Prior to the overturn of Roe, the Alabama Women’s Center, located in Huntsville, was one of three clinics in the state offering abortion services, something Strong said should not be available. He proposes “faith-based communities” as an alternative resource.

“I stand for the unborn,” Strong said. “You look right here on Sparkman Drive in Huntsville, Alabama, more than 6,000 abortions are done at that abortion mill. That is unacceptable.”

In an opinion following the Roe decision, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said the court should reevaluate other decisions currently protecting access to contraceptives and LGBTQ rights. Warner-Stanton said the overturn of Roe sets a dangerous precedent.

“We need to be moving forward as a country,” Warner-Stanton said. “I am proud to be an American and one of the things I stand for is progressing as a country, not regressing. This generation, they want to be able to have their choice. They don’t want someone telling them what to do.”

On Friday, President Joe Biden passed an executive order aimed at protecting access to medical abortions and emergency contraception. However, the order is not enough to restore abortion right in states, like Alabama, with strict abortion bans.

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