Planning on enrolling your children for Pre-K in the fall? Here’s how and when you can.

ALABAMA (WHNT) – Registration is opening statewide for Alabama’s First Class Pre-K program.

Starting Saturday, January 15, parents and guardians can go online to register their children for the state program.

To qualify for the program, children must be four years old on or before September 1, 2022, and not yet five years old – they would qualify for Kindergarten at that point). The parent or guardian will need to provide a birth certificate documenting each child’s age.

Their parent or guardian must live in Alabama and in the case of public school Pre-K, be zoned in the boundaries of the Pre-K program they are applying for. A parent or guardian will need to provide proof of residency, such as a current utility bill or a copy of a lease or mortgage.

A valid email address is needed to complete the online registration process and the same account can be used to register multiple children, if applicable.

Completing the registration process does not guarantee a spot in Pre-K programs; each program will conduct a random draw to decide which children will be accepted into the program.

Registration is open until Mar. 18, and drawings will be held after that date; all children who were registered before the deadline will be entered into the drawing.

Parents and guardians will be notified of acceptance in mid-April. Children not selected will be placed on a waiting list for future available spaces in the program.

Children can be registered for multiple programs and a list of programs can be found by inputting the parent or guardian’s permanent address on the Alabama First Class Pre-K website.

There is no fee to register for the Pre-K program, however, some programs may charge tuition or fees based on household size and income, using Department of Health and Human Services guidelines.

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