One Real and Two Would-Be Dictators

Ordinary folk have started would can be called another “Glorious Revolution”


Dictator Putin is inflicting the terror of war in Ukraine and threatened dissenting opinion in Moscow: “More Than 4,500 Antiwar Protestors Arrested in One Day”. Datelined Moscow by the Washington Post, the number of arrests across the country are up to the tens of thousands without, Vlad the Impeller, stating any special legal measures.

People with unacceptable opinions are being rounded up and placed in the slammer, which has been happening in Canada and the States.

Would-Be Dictator Trudeau invoked the old War Measures Act under the name of the Emergencies Act. The threat to the establishment was ordinary citizens through the “Freedom Convoy” taking opinion to Ottawa that was personally “unacceptable” to the prime minister as well as to 97 percent of those who dwell in the capital city.

Hatred with power and a seemingly endless drive for state mayhem is a dangerous combination in any country

Never having to contend with the concept of freedom since the military dictatorships of World War II and the Cold War, Ottawa was shocked to the core and with hatred responded with, well, dictatorial measures. The powers-that-be shut down freedom of speech and assembly by those beyond the pale.

Trudeau, having bought and paid for Canada’s Big Media on two previous elections, has reduced popular opposition. However, unable to suborn Europe’s media, Trudeau has suffered the surprise of criticism, with “Hypocrite” widely headlined.

Canada has some huge banks that should have protected their depositors, but in going along with Trudeau reminds of the elegant definition of fascism: “The combination of big government and big business”.

For contributing as little as $25 to “Freedom”, private bank accounts were frozen and attempts were made to seize some $10 million raised through the internet. Hatred with power and a seemingly endless drive for state mayhem is a dangerous combination in any country.

Seeming equivalent to using a steam roller to squash a ladybug, the Emergency Act was rescinded.

Regrettably it shows an authoritarian hand untempered by sound judgement, which is also the case with the Biden administration. Which has been caught up in the same dictates as Trudeau. One distinction is that Trudeau inherited family wealth, while Biden’s family acquired substantial wealth through international “consulting” deals. Essentially, opening the doors to American political power, but committed by a Democrat, need not be prosecuted.

All American taxpayers are paying Democrat-controlled agencies to punish ordinary folk

Democrats have been going on about “January 6th ” being an “insurrection” which is hyperbole in the extreme. Hitherto, Trump had offered to seriously increase security, which Pelosi refused. A real insurrection would have had subversive troops taking over Congress and the media. Did not happen, as, indeed, government operatives were there to make it look like an insurrection.

All American taxpayers are paying Democrat-controlled agencies to punish ordinary folk who ended up in a “wrong place” and have since been held in tightly controlled jail cells.

Those who ostensibly criticize establishment dictates are criminals until from day one.

Which compares to 2020, when billions of dollars of property damage through arson and looting was done by the politically correct, who were bailed out by Democrats.

As the focus of the prime minister’s personal hostility the leader of the “Freedom Convoy” was held without bail. In Canada as well as the US, freedom of speech and assembly is a select privilege granted by the state to those whose views are “acceptable”.

This writer is old enough to recall when his father, two uncles and “Eddie” the high school kid up the street went to war. That was in 1943, when even seven-year old’s understood that the soldiers left home to protect everyone’s freedom, and get this, from dictators who were then considered evil.

Ordinary folk have started would can be called another “Glorious Revolution”, the first one in 1688 got rid of England’s last absolutist king. While of two kinds, today’s dictators should abdicate—soon.

Bob Hoye — Bio and Archives

Bob Hoye (BobHoye.com) has been researching investments for decades, which eventually included the history of financial and political markets. He considers now to be the most fascinating time for both since the Great Reformation of the 1600s.  Bob casts a caustic eye on all promotions and, having a degree in geophysics, is severely critical of the audacity that a committee can “manage” not just the economy, but also the temperature of the nearest planet. He has had articles published in major financial journals and, as a speaker, has amused assemblies in a number of cities, from London to Zurich to Tokyo.

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