My Perfect Weekend with Sarah Cheng-De Winne

Who: Singer-songwriter and content creator Sarah Cheng-De Winne, 34, who goes by the nom de plume of Sarah X. Miracle. She has been in the Singapore music scene for more than a decade, but these days, she and her husband Mark De Winne are better known for their TikTok and YouTube videos chronicling the daily drama of family life with three kids aged 15, six and two months old. The couple also runs a phone sling business, Taizjo.

“Saturday mornings are usually spent doing a family activity if the kids don’t have make-up tuition classes. It could be as simple as taking a walk to a cafe in our Bukit Timah neighbourhood just to get coffee. It’s not about having a fancy outing, but having the space and time to be together. Especially with a new baby, it’s hard to think of things we can all do together.

Typically, the kids stay over at their maternal grandparents’ place from Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning or early afternoon. We started this practice during the Covid-19 pandemic because the kids and grandparents wouldn’t be able to see one another otherwise. And that has just stuck.

It gives my husband and me a break. We have a church small-group meeting that we organise every two weeks. We can also go out for a date on Saturday night, or meet friends, without needing to put the kids to sleep.

We try to change up what we do for date night, such as visit new restaurants.

There’s a nice Japanese place at Raffles City Shopping Centre called Koji Sushi Bar. It is a bit more upscale than your typical Japanese chain, but quiet and intimate. We prioritise the ambience over whether a place is fancy. We’ve had some experiences where the food portions were so small that we were, like, ‘why did we come here’, and then have to go buy fried chicken because we were still hungry.

Our Saturday routine has been a little different since baby Aaron arrived last month. Our older kids Ines and Leon still stay over with their grandparents so we still get that alone time, just that now, it’s with the baby as well. Hopefully when Aaron is older and starts sleeping through the night, we can start going out again.

We all go to church on Sunday mornings. After that, we go for lunch at either Chin Chin Eating House in Purvis Street, where we have chicken rice, or Sushi Teh at Raffles City or Holland Village. We often stop by The Daily Scoop – the outlets at Holland Village or Sunset Way, whichever is nearer – for ice cream after lunch on weekends.

On Sunday afternoons, our two older kids go for their classes. After that, we all have dinner with my parents.

Mark and I try to avoid working on the weekends because it takes us away from being present with the kids. The week tends to be so intense already; just trying to get the kids to sleep every night is tiring. On Sunday evenings, we also try and have a chat as a couple about what’s coming up in the week ahead, so we can be prepared.”

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