MI 155/5 (19.1 ov, Tim David 20*, Kuldeep Sen 1/23) – Live – Rajasthan Royals vs Mumbai Indians, Indian Premier League 2022 2022, 44th Match Match Live Score, Summary

Sen to Pollard, OUT, Pollard falls at deep fine leg! Slower bouncer at 111 kph on the body, Pollard gets inside the line and pulls this flat to the fielder on the rope. It was judged supremely and without hesitation by Mitchell, who ran 10 yards to his right before settling and lunging forward to take an ankle high catch. Third umpire is reviewing this now. The ball looks like it has gone into the finger tips before the fingers then press against the grass but the ball is firmly in the fingers above the grass.

Final over. Four to win. Long delay here as David and Pollard have a towel and drinks run out to clean them off. Sen has the ball in hand.

Rohit: “That one over of Mitchell. Can’t understand Sanju’s captaincy some time.”

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