Madison County hosts public test of voting machines

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — On Wednesday morning, Madison County officials welcomed the public to join them in testing voting machines that will be used in the Primary Election on May 24th.

Madison County Probate Judge, Frank Barger led the demonstration and answered questions.

“We allow anyone who attends to randomly select any machine that would be used in next Tuesday’s election, and we allow them to test that machine using ballots,” Judge Barger said.

Judge Barger demonstrated how the machine works, what is inside the machine, and how the machines are programmed to catch attempts at voter fraud.

“We always have someone at these tests that try and stump the machine,” he said. “These machines are fine-tuned and are very advanced.”

Barger emphasized how important it is to be transparent with the public, at all stages of the election.

“Transparency is very important to us in everything we do,” he continued. “From the training process, we have to the public test today.”

Judge Barger told News 19 that Madison County has approximately 120 voting machines that will be used in the primary election. He said all of them have been certified at the state and local levels.

He said Madison County has been using the same software since the 2014 election cycle, and there haven’t been any issues. He also said that many of the election day staff have been a part of elections for the last 30 years, so they know what they are doing.

However, if a machine were to malfunction on Election Day, there are procedures.

“We have backup equipment that is available that will be placed out in the field on election day that is deployed by the Sheriff’s Office,” he said. “So if we have to change out a piece of equipment, we can do that relatively fast.”

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