Life and Liberty Amidst the Culture of Death

Americans who love the nation as it was founded must arise to fight for Life and Liberty once again


On the threshold of Memorial Day the nation is in mourning over the Uvalde, Texas school tragedy – at least in some non-political realms there is genuine mourning. Within the political realms there is posturing and pointing of fingers for political capital. That in itself is tragic – that the “leaders” of the country would use the horrific and insane actions of a deranged individual to bolster their own advancement or their political agendas.

The ugly murders of the children and the teachers at Robb Elementry School in Uvalde, Texas is just the latest tragedy to wrench people’s hearts all across the nation. But, as regular people attempt to grapple to understand this tragedy and not just become overwhelmed with emotion, or seek sly political spins for self-centered motives, intelligent people must also look at a much bigger context in which events such as these unfold.

Despite individual efforts to seek sanity and peace within a world that is at war, Americans must not lose sight of the fact that the nation has been at war since the horrific and deadly events of September 11. 2001. Try as we might, as American citizens, to move beyond the tragedies of 9/11, we exist in a post 9/11 world, which means America is embroiled in war whether we deny it, whether we are affected directly by it, or whether we can appreciate it. We are in the midst of war – and it started long before the United States’ government was to get directly involved in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

All it takes for us to be shocked back to the real world, from whatever pretend world we shelter in, is the horror of the election year devastation of Antifa and BLM after the killing of George Floyd. After the mass shooting in Buffalo just days prior, Joe Biden visited the city as a way of using the incident for a political statement. The reality behind the shooter that has recently been exposed by some pro-freedom journalists is that the shooter self-identified as a Marxist by the time he was twelve based upon his own writings. Of course, that would be the wrong narrative to pursue, so the mainstream media will not go down that road.

In the aftermath of the rioting of Antifa and BLM, it was reported that 25 innocent people were killed due to the “peaceful protests.” Yet, the MSM would not go down that road – again it is not supportive of the racist – violence narrative of the Left and Progressives. BLM apologists would propagate the lies that the cause of the Buffalo massacre was systemic racism and there would be where the real problem exists. But, the reality is that Antifa and BLM have legitimized violence and murder in the minds of many who witnessed such mayhem. Politicians did not issue an outcry over the innocents killed at the hands of such perpetrators of terror, in fact, many supported it, and many endorsed it. 

Yet, in a court of law (a fair and just court) the intent behind a murder is often examined quite diligently. Was there a motive of self-defense or a willful intent to take someone’s life? Murder however, is murder; is it not? Some who do not know the Ten Commandments well would say that the Lord has told His children that the command was “Thou shalt not kill” per the deeply devout Wikipedia ‘bible.’ But that is not correct. The correct translation of the Hebrew word used is “to murder, or slay.” This is different that the widely used concept “to kill.” It should be realized that killing an intruder breaking into one’s home would be viewed differently in a just court than the murder of a child in a school classroom. So, intent does provide a great perspective in the underlying consideration of the penalty for taking a life.

Thus, if we are to understand from the MSM and the prevailing culture we find ourselves in that has been generated by our contemporary “leaders,” the murder of defenseless school children in classrooms is horrendous because an animal used a gun, but murder of defenseless babies in the womb, or even newborns, is acceptable and laudable because no gun was used. Abortion genocide doesn’t count in the “Thou shalt not kill” mantra of the Progressive Left. Mother Teresa was a strong opponent of abortion and understood it as murder. She stated that “Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what it wants.”

As tragic and as grisly as the murders of those victims in Uvalde is, Americans must come to grips with the reality that our nation is embroiled in a serious war in which many casualties will tear at the heartstrings of people of conscience and people of faith. However, it is an illusion that the political class care about the murder of innocent children and their teachers when officials, whether elected or unelected, of our government turn a blind eye to senseless murders when agents of terror rip through city streets burning and killing, or the sanitized murders of unborn babies when agents of abortion perform genocide in our midst on a daily basis.
Americans must sober up to the reality that according to some of our “leaders,” some murder is justified due to the motivation of the murderer. If a white cop kills a black person, it is unjustified and does justify the murder of other people according to the realities playing out in America in our nation today. If a black person murders a white cop it is justified as a compensation for all the “racism” in our nation. If a white woman, or a black woman, or any woman murders her unborn baby it is justified because the woman does not want to have to deal with a nuisance. Or when a governor mandates that harmless old people need to be corralled in nursing homes in the midst of a “plandemic,” and it results in massive numbers of elderly people dead, it is now justified because the governor has immunity due to the “emergency powers” he or she wielded.

Americans must sober up to the reality that we now live in the midst of a culture of death that is acceptable under certain politically prescribed circumstances because our political “leaders” are “agnostic” about some murders, or they may just be indifferent because it is politically expedient to be so, or in the worst cases, our “leaders” are silently supportive or pro-actively condone the various forms of murder in America. Morality, itself, is the real victim in our society. It would seem to this humble servant, that instead of a “Ministry of Truth,” which has very little to do with the truth, it may be a far better investment of time and resources to create a “MInistry of Morality.” But, on second thought, determining morality should not be something entrusted to the government. In fact, it was entrusted to all of us long ago.

As citizens, we all should be protected under the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution that were derived from the natural and unalienable rights proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence. In fact, it is not just protection which we must seek from the Bill of Rights, it is protection of these rights that we are now challenged to secure once again. Life, LIberty, and the pursuit of virtue (both personal and public) are still needing to be proclaimed and protected amidst this artificial culture of death. And, it is not just a belief in such noble ideals that is now required of ‘regular’ citizens; it is a very pro-active pursuit of these ideals that will ensure they survive.

Americans who love the nation as it was founded must arise to fight for Life and Liberty once again. The true purpose of Memorial Day holiday was to honor those men and women who gave the last full measure of their devotion to these fundamental ideals at the core of the founding. We, the living, could do those men and women the greatest honor by holding on to the torch of Liberty that they once held and to keep the flames of Freedom alive in our day.

Dennis Jamison — Bio and Archives

Dennis Jamison reinvented his life after working for a multi-billion dollar division of Johnson & Johnson for several years. Currently retired from West Valley College in California, where he taught for nearly 10 years, he now writes articles on history and American freedom for various online publications.

Formerly a contributor to the Communities at the Washington Times and Fairfax Free Citizen, his more current articles appear in Canada Free Press and Communities Digital News. During the 2016 presidential primaries, he was the leader of a network of writers, bloggers, and editors who promoted the candidacy of Dr. Ben Carson. Jamison founded “We the People” – Patriots, Pilgrims, Prophets Writers’ Network and the Citizen Sentinels Network. Both are volunteer groups for grassroots citizen-journalists and activists intent on promoting and preserving the inviolable God-given freedoms rooted in the founding documents. 

Jamison also co-founded RedAmericaConsulting to identify, counsel, and support citizen-candidates, who may not have much campaign money, but whose beliefs and deeds reflect the role of public servants rather than power-hungry politicians.  ​

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