Level up your life: Tech accessories to improve the way you work, live and play

But even if you have the best sound system or 8K display TV screens, you won’t get very far without a good cable to link them all together. That’s why Spigen HDMI cables are a great pick for these cinema-grade setups. Not only are they able to support immersive 8K and Dynamic HDR viewing experiences, but these cables also offer crystal-clear audio with HDMI eArc connection, delivering everything you need for those stunning movie nights.

Besides media streaming, more people have also taken up other forms of entertainment, such as gaming on their smartphones and devices, to keep themselves occupied. This once again brings to mind Spigen’s range of accessories for all your entertainment needs. If you love playing Animal Crossing on your Nintendo Switch, ensure it is well protected with an OLED screen protector and a durable case. Also, don’t forget to keep your devices charged up with Spigen’s super-fast charging cables and wireless chargers which are compatible with a wide variety of devices.

Buying the real deal

Since 2004, Spigen has slowly but surely maintained its position as the premier smartphone accessory maker by meticulously analysing the needs of its customers. By keeping a finger on the pulse of technology, the South Korean giant ensures that its wide range of high-quality tech accessories cater to every individual’s needs. Spigen’s patented technologies, such as the Air CushionTM Technology and Spider Web Pattern, are proof that the brand is an expert in combining form, function and innovation in every product – making it a go-to choice in the tech accessories industry. 

To ensure you are shopping for authentic Spigen products, visit the official Spigen e-store and brand stores on Shopee, Amazon and Lazada, or the official retailers in VivoCity, Jurong Point and Tampines Mall.

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