Keep learning over the summer with these Alabama resources

ALABAMA (WHNT) – It’s summertime in Alabama and with comes summer break for kids. However, the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) said learning is a year-round venture.

For the 10th year, the ALSDE is partnering with some of the nation’s top education organizations to promote summer learning and activities; the goal is to minimize the summer learning slide.

A full list of resources is available on the ALSDE Summer Learning website. Resources include:

  • “Find a Book, Alabama” – a Lexile-based tool that offers children more than 260,000 books to read over the summer. Parents and children can build custom reading lists based on the child’s Lexile range and personal interests
  • Summer Math Challenge – an interactive math skills builder for students who have completed 1st-8th grades
  • Stride Skills Arcade – The arcade has a blend of online math, reading, language arts, and science skills practice games, along with video games geared toward a wide variety of interests, and online competitions. Accessible on tablets, PCs, and Macs, the arcade is free to all children enrolled in Alabama K-12 schools through July 31.
  • Big Universe – More than 18,000 eBooks and literacy tools are available 24/7 on smartphones, tablets, and laptops for free through July 31 from all Alabama K-12 children

In addition, Alabama Public Television is hosting the Summer of Possibilities educational program on its website and ALSDE also encouraged parents and children to explore their local library over the summer.

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