JUST A DRILL: Madison County Sheriff's Office conducting all-day SWAT training Wednesday

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – The Madison County Sheriff’s Office has scheduled an all-day SWAT training exercise for Wednesday, January 12.

The sheriff’s office announced the one-day training exercise will focus on building entry, Noise Flash Diversion Devices, exterior energetic breaching and other methods to get into buildings.

Officials said this training will also allow SWAT team members to use their equipment and skills in a realistic setting while providing hands-on training. The training will also help members remain proficient for hostage rescue, resolution of barricaded subjects and other situations where they may be needed.

The training will take place in the area of Sparkman Drive and Ben Graves Drive at some UAH buildings that are expected to be torn down. Officials warn that people and businesses in that area should expect to hear loud noises in the early afternoon.

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