Join the 12-Minute Trucker Protest

I was at a gas station the other day and saw a flyer announcing a truckers’ protest starting this Monday at noon.  It’s called #12NoonTruckStop on Twitter and makes a lot of sense.

The idea is for all truckers to safely pull to the side of the road every day at 12 noon for 12 minutes in support of the Canadian truckers and their demand to an end to all mask and vaccine mandates.

Imagine if you are driving at noon and see hundreds of truckers by the side of the road quietly and peacefully protesting being forced to take an injection against their will.  Twelve minutes later they’re back on their way.

The ways the Trudeau administration has been putting down this “insurrection” are horrifying

Videos of trucks lined up along the highway would flood the Internet and social media. Cars would honk their horns as they pass by to show their support.

Best of all, this costs nothing, isn’t illegal, and can’t be stopped by any government authority.

I sure hope it takes hold.

As Americans, we have been shocked at the way Trudeau has converted Canada from our friendly neighbor up north, to a virtual dictatorship that is harshly punishing honest and hard workers for simply asking for their rights to control what goes into their bodies.  The ways the Trudeau administration has been putting down this “insurrection” are horrifying.

The Biden administration is showing their support for the elimination of basic freedoms and human rights by supporting these actions by Canada’s leadership.  I’ll bet Joe would love to be seizing bank accounts and jailing his opponents the same way.

Unless we stand up to these assaults on our basic liberties, we will soon be going the way of Canada, Australia, and many other countries that have been taken over.

This Monday I’ll be looking for some trucks on the side of the road at noon.

Ann Landers is a conservative writer who supports an end to division in the United States and a restoration of our Bill of Rights.

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