Is Critical Race Theory Being Taught in our Schools?

CRT is historically and intentionally being used to drive a wedge between the races


The biggest “bogeyman” that the left-leaning teacher’s unions and “woke” school administrators, who have claimed that CRT is not being taught in our schools and universities, is the fact that during the pandemic when schools were shut down, and remote learning was taking place, the parents actually witnessed what was being taught in many of our schools, and they didn’t like what they saw and heard.

The schools and school administrators claim that the schools don’t teach CRT, but how do they know?  As a former teacher for over 30 years, once that classroom door is closed you don’t know what that teacher or professor is saying or teaching.  Since most of the teachers and professors (upwards of 80%) are politically left-leaning and liberal, you can bet that CRT is woven into the curriculum, whether or not it is stated in the curriculum.

In Florida, for instance, Governor Ron DeSantis, who is against teaching CRT, doesn’t want to change history, but he wants to change the idea that our country was built on racial superiority of Whites over Blacks. Yes, we had slavery, just like many countries had, and even some still have today. We, as a nation, have come a long way since those days.  In fact, we have a vast rich and middle-class Black community who have taken advantage of what our democratic republic has to offer (Eg. Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Hollywood actors, professional athletes, and quite a few CEO’s at the helm of many corporations, plus a goodly number of black politicians at the local, state, and federal levels of government).  Is that an example of racial oppression and systemic racism?

In CRT and other race based theories, like the 1619 Project, historical errors were stated as immutable facts.  It was claimed that Blacks were kidnapped from Africa, but missing from that statement was the fact that those Blacks that were taken as slaves by the slave traders were sold to the slave traders by other Blacks who held those Blacks as slaves themselves. It took awhile, but using our Constitution, we have gotten rid of, from our society, the vestiges of slavery and endemic segregation. If, as the CRT by portraying our country as a racist country, then how come so many of people of color want to come to our country, both legally and illegally, to live and work in our “racist” country?

To perpetuate the idea that Whites are trying to suppress Blacks from voting, which the Democrats had done up to the Civil Rights Acts of 1965, it doesn’t meet the smell test. By demanding voter I.D. and expanding voter days and limiting voting by mail, are not acts of voter suppression. What those voting requirements try to do is make voting more honest and less fraudulent. In fact, more blacks have voted in our elections than ever before. It is “racist to claim that Blacks can’t or couldn’t meet voting requirements like what Whites have to do.  Claims of suppressing the Black vote is a bogus attempt, by the “racial arsonists” to stir up racial tension among Whites and Blacks.

By trying and succeeding to change our voting laws prior to the election, as what happened during the presidential election of 2020 by the Democrats, it had opened up the chance of voter fraud for the benefit of one political party, the Democrats.  That’s what Governor DeSantis, and other governors and state legislatures have done to try to make our voting more fair and honest.  For that, they have been accused of voter suppression.

CRT is historically and intentionally being used to drive a wedge between the races.  The constant use of the word “racism”, if you disagree with a proponent of CRT (mainly members of the Democrat Party) has made the term meaningless, in many cases, just like in the fable of the “boy who cried wolf”.

So, it is imperative that CRT be put on the scrap heap of history, and people of all races should look upon our country with “race” blinders on, and take advantage what our great country has to offer for all our citizens regardless of their color, ethnicity, or national origin.

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