Huntsville Council approves new funding for emergency rental assistance program

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — In a unanimous decision Thursday night, the Huntsville City Council voted to approve a much-needed round of funding for the emergency rental assistance program.

The funding is a big win for families that have been struggling since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic took away a large part of their income.

This is the second time the city will offer money to residents who need extra help. The approval of $4.7 million will come from both public and private sources. Last year, the council approved an allocation of $6 million for tenants who needed assistance, but that money has run out.

Huntsville Housing Planner Scott Erwin says the opportunity for the rental assistance program to continue is a great win for the city.

“It was a very good night tonight,” Erwin told News 19. “As long as we have strong partners in place and those that have been financially affected by COVID who need assistance with their rent.”

“They will have another option to go forward,” Erwin continued. “It is important to note that the prioritization is those that who are facing a potential eviction. Those who are at a certain income level and those who have not previously received the funding.”

Erwin added that those who have a household income of 50% below the property line and those individual household members who qualify for unemployment benefits, if approved, will receive the funding.

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