Hot Bods: Bulking up for powerlifting competitions

SINGAPORE – Meet this week’s hot bods – university student Sofia Mo, 21, and content specialist Cornelius Tang, 26.

Sofia Mo, 21

University student

Weight: 54kg

Exercise regimen

I work out four to six times a week at Gymmboxx, clocking a four-day powerlifting programme each week. Whenever I have extra time, especially during my semester breaks, I try to dedicate an optional two days to rehabilitation and active recovery.

I believe that consistency, diet and good rest are key to better recovery and performance.


I am not particularly strict with what I consume, but I try to hit at least 100g of protein a day to help with muscle recovery.

I eat anything and everything I want, but in moderation. To me, a “healthy” diet is not just for the body, but also the mind. That is why once in a while, I reward myself with a Mr Coconut drink, chocolate cake or bubble tea to keep my spirits up.

Cornelius Tang, 26

Content specialist

Height: 1.74m
Weight: 79kg

Exercise regimen

I squat and deadlift twice a week. I also bench-press with different variations – changing up the grip, tempo and feet position – four times a week at Gymmboxx.


I have been bulking recently to take part in a heavier weight class at powerlifting competitions, so I have to eat more calories than my maintenance phase to ensure I hit the desired protein intake.

As I have a small appetite, I go for more calorie-dense food that provides more calories for the same amount of food. I also eat at least two servings of fruit and vegetables daily, which can be easily done by ordering a large serving of vegetables at my neighbourhood economy rice store.

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