Getaways made easy: Discover new rainforest trails, play an immersive escape game or take a sunset sail through the Southern Islands

Having a new activity to look forward to, especially if you can include your friends and family, is the quickest way to shake up your routine and stimulate the senses for better physical and mental wellbeing.

Sentosa may be best known for its sandy-white beaches and themed attractions, but there’s more to the island than meets the eye. With unspoiled greenscapes and a fascinating past, Sentosa promises visitors a world of wonder, intrigue and thrills.

That’s why Sentosa has introduced SentoSights: a series of sustainability- and heritage-themed tours that will guide you on your exploration of the island’s hidden gems as you discover its rich nature, heritage and marine life. 

These tours are helmed by experts well-versed in the particular theme, so you’ll be set for a deeply enriching and entertaining time. The best part: there are more than ten unique guided tours with elements such as game-based exploration, magic demonstrations, and night-time forest walks which will allow guests to delve into heritage and sustainability in a fun and engaging way. 

There’s something for everyone!

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