Foreign UNA students collect aid for Ukraine

FLORENCE, Ala. – Several Ukrainian and Russian students from the University of North Alabama (UNA) held an event to collect donations to Ukraine.

Daria Starovoitova is a Ukrainian student from UNA, and she told News 19 that many of her former classmates are now soldiers fighting for Ukraine. Some of them have reached out to her for help, which is why she organized this event.

“It was set up just to help people, to help kids,” Daria said. “Hopefully it will set an example not only to help Ukraine, but to help other countries who are as well affected by war.”

All donations will be sent to the Ukrainian mailing service to be dispersed across the country as needed. Daria told News 19 that there are certain items that are needed more than others in Ukraine including, first-aid kits, blankets, gloves, baby clothes, and baby food.

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