Food for Thought

Food for ThoughtAs I was cruising down the highway, contemplating the current plight of the United States of America and some of the presidents we’ve had in the last 40 years, an awareness struck me that I had not previously considered.  Who were the U.S. presidents in my voting lifetime (1967 to present), who have been most revered by the anti-Marxist conservative patriots of America?  Of course, the two that immediately came to mind were Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.

These two great men entered the White House and totally shook up the political machines of the Republican and especially the Democrat parties.  In 1981, Ronald Reagan initiated and got things done like no previous President in my lifetime.  In 2017, Donald J. Trump came along and was “a Ronald Reagan on steroids” and shook up the professional politicians of the Republican Party as much, or more, than those of the Democrat Party.  Why were these two men so disruptive to the conventional professional career politicians of both political parties?  Did this question already give you the answer?  What were the two specific things these two men had in common?

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