Firearms May Be Planted in Ottawa to Discredit Protest, Convoy Organizers Warn

2,000 firearms that were stolen in Peterborough, Ont., on the morning of Feb. 13


Organizers of the Freedom Convoy in the Canadian capital say they have notified police after being told that “nefarious elements” are planning to plant weapons at the Ottawa COVID-19 mandate demonstrations as a “pretext to forcibly remove peaceful protestors.”

In a video posted on social media on Feb. 14, Daniel Bulford, a former RCMP officer who is helping the protest organizers with security, said they have received information from sources they consider to be “reliable” that the weapons may be planted.

The information, Bulford said, correlates with the more than 2,000 firearms that were stolen in Peterborough, Ont., on the morning of Feb. 13.—More…


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