Fast Lane: More legroom in Bentley Bentayga, Mercedes-AMG and rapper will.i.am create GT

The new Range Rover Sport made a dramatic debut by completing a challenging ascent of a 193m dam spillway against a torrent of water flowing at 750 tonnes a minute.

The 2023 model year car tackled the Karahnjukar Dam in Iceland after conquering the country’s volcanic landscape, rock climbs and flooded tunnels. James Bond stunt driver Jessica Hawkins took the wheel, risking a sheer drop at the base of the spillway to reach the summit in a unique showcase of dynamic capability.

The model will have an electric variant in 2024. But now, buyers have a choice of six-cylinder petrol or diesel engines, and a new V8 twin-turbo which makes 530hp.

The car rides on dynamic air suspension with switchable volume air springs, a first for Range Rover, and twin-valve active dampers. A Stormer Handling Pack combines all-wheel steering, active roll control and electronic active differential with torque vectoring.

VW revives defunct Scout off-road brand

Volkswagen is reviving the defunct Scout off-road vehicle brand, with plans for a rugged electric sport utility vehicle and pickup model to capture market share in the United States, where the company has long struggled.

Europe’s biggest carmaker, which already counts 10 automotive brands in its stable, plans to set up an independent company in the US this year to design and make the vehicles, reported Bloomberg.

The Scout brand will be an independent company within the VW group managed by a separate team “to align with the new group steering model”, said chief financial officer Arno Antlitz in a statement.

The Wall Street Journal had reported earlier on the plans, saying VW aims to invest more than US$1 billion to ready the project.

Mercedes-AMG creates GT with musician will.i.am

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