Eternal flame temporarily extinguished at Huntsville park

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – It’s a familiar sight to Downtown Huntsville drivers and parkgoers – Big Spring Park’s eternal flame at the corner of Williams Avenue and Dr. Joseph Lowery Boulevard.

However, that flame can go out…and it did; the City of Huntsville confirmed that the flame went out Monday night and officials were working to fix the problem.

Tuesday morning, a News 19 reporter went down to the park and saw the flame had been relit by that time.

The flame and associated freedom monument, which contains a bronze copy of the Declaration of Independence, were both restored and updated as part of Big Spring Park renovations in 2017.

And the problem of the eternal flame being extinguished isn’t just a Huntsville problem. The eternal flame at President John F. Kennedy’s grave has gone out at least once in its history.

The Associated Press said rain extinguished the flame in 1967 and flooded the transformer that normally would automatically relight the flame at Virginia’s Arlington National Cemetery. The flame was relit by hand in that case.

As for relighting Huntsville’s flame in the future, the City said the best thing to do if the flame is out is to call General Services at (256) 427-5660.

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