Democrats’ Bizarre Distortion of Voting Rights & Civil Rights

Democrats still have not given up on democracy, which is just another term for mob rule and retention of power at all costs


Democrats’ Bizarre Distortion of Voting Rights & Civil Rights
Just after Independence Day last year, Joe Biden went to Philadelphia and gave a speech at the National Constitution Center, near Independence Hall. Imagery is quite important for the low information voters, so the photo ops were chosen well. There he declared that “The 21st century Jim Crow assault is real. It’s unrelenting. We’re gonna challenge it, vigorously.” Apparently, America will witness the challenge by an attempted linkage of voting rights to the January 6th “insurrection” if the Left has anything to claim in its arsenal of propaganda.

The overt attempt of such a linkage is to weave together some of the current running Communist-Socialist-Democrat narratives in order to create the illusion of these white supremacists led by Donald Trump trying to undermine a federal election by using violence with serious intent to harm the precious leadership elite of the nation and to overthrow the duly “elected” president. This represents an attempt at the inversion of reality, an Alinsky-esque effort to trash the truth by reversing the veracity of the events as they sequentially played out. The criminal accuses the victim of the heinous crime that the criminal committed against the victim. Alinsky must have learned it from Lucifer because that is his modus operandi. 

Political-Criminal Cabal

The current propaganda, the constantly streaming Communist-Socialist-Democrat narratives are now no longer narratives to entice people to act against government, they are narratives to protect the government because they have become the government.

Whether Biden or Pelosi or Schumer truly believe the propaganda is not relevant. What is relevant is that these individuals hold the levers of power, not just of their Party, but the levers of power of the nation. One must seriously ask the question: What have they done with that power since it was secured?

One of the most insidious efforts of the political-criminal cabal is to push propaganda out that the January 6th “riot” or “insurrection” was one of the most serious crimes of the century. Thus, their needs to disguise and defend their own insurrection are met via this narrative. The narrative must be advanced for the protection of the political-criminal cabal.

The linkage that Biden referred to in July of last year is now being made in a lame attempt fo convince the citizens that the Administration has been victimized, and it had suffered an ignoble attack at the hands of the “Deplorables” directed by Donald Trump on January 6, 2021. This challenge to a decent democratic election, they will claim, is an affront to democracy itself. In his speech at the Constitution Center, in Biden-like fashion, without seeming to know what he was being prompted to say, he made an important point. He stated that “We are facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War.” That is absolutely true in two ways,  although it may not be understood in the way he intended it to come across.

First of all, to the Democrats, the concept of democracy does not align with what the Founders had perceived democracy to be. The Founders did not create a democracy; they created a Republic. They knew that a democracy in its basic state is essentially mob rule—which is acceptable to Democrats as that is how all those lynchings of Black citizens occurred in the Deep South. Much of that was performed by the terrorist arm of the southern Democrats – the KKK. So democracy, the kind that the Democrats know and love, is being threatened by the public outcry for fair and honest elections. Biden’s Party has a priority to pass HR1/S1 because it will quickly establish a One Party nation.

What is happening in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Texas, is a true grassroots uprising of awakened American citizens

Secondly, the most significant test to their rendition of democracy, which translates to win and maintain political power by any means necessary, is being threatened by the common citizens who are demanding fair and honest elections—all across the nation. What is happening in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Texas, even in California and other patriot strongholds, is a true grassroots uprising of awakened American citizens who are absolutely serious about restoring the Republic to the way it was intended to operate in alignment with the original blueprints. This is a threat to democracy because Democrats have not respected the Constitution of the United States from the inception of their Party to this day.

Downplayed as it may be in American history, the founder and great-granddaddy of the “Democratic” Party, Andrew Jackson, destroyed the precedent established under the first six presidents, from Washington to John Quincy Adams, and reversed the policies that honored American Indian sovereignty on their homelands. In 1830, Jackson made sure that Congress passed the Indian Removal Act, which essentially stole ancestral lands of the five “civilized tribes” of the southeast region of the United States. The Indian Removal Act became quite controversial at the time and is controversial today. Jackson through his tyrannical efforts were deemed unconstitutional, but it mattered not. The president and his Party had gotten away with a blatant and brutal redistribution of land ownership, about 100 million acres of traditional Indian lands, prime real estate across the southeastern U.S.

It was the Democrats in the South, slave owners like Andrew Jackson, who refused to give up their “rights” of owning slaves, and such refusal metastasized into full-blown rejection of the Constitution via the formation of the Confederacy. Northern states, for the most part, had abolished slavery in their own time frames well before the outbreak of the Civil War. It was the Democrats in the South, who instituted Black Codes and Jim Crow laws to segregate the Blacks from the Whites, and that is institutionalized racism—government instituted, systemic racism that Democrats accuse Trump supporters of today. The linkage wears quite thin when one knows the true history of the United States rather than fabricated narratives.


Democrat Party retained the “Solid South” and exercised tyrannical power

It was the state Democrat-run governments in the Deep South that restricted the voting rights of Black citizens in the years after Reconstruction. And, it was a corrupt bargain between the Republicans and the Democrats that ended Reconstruction as one of the byproducts of deciding the outcome of the presidential election of 1876. Allegations of widespread election fraud in the election prompted the U.S. Congress to establish a special electoral commission to determine the winner. The election nightmare was ended by a backroom agreement between Republican Rutherford B. Hayes and the Congressional Democrats that required Democrats to concede the presidency in exchange for Hayes to end Reconstruction. This was extremely controversial, but Hayes and the Democrats both got what they wanted.

Most southern Democrat leaders were delighted when newly “elected” President Hayes promptly honored secret pledges made during the electoral dispute to withdraw federal troops from southern states and end the era of Reconstruction. From then, the white Democrat-controlled, power structure was re-invented. The Democrat Party regained and re-established the “Solid South.” It was this society that oppressed the Blacks, not only through segregation and the Jim Crow laws, but also in voter suppression of Black citizens. Party power was defended through the suppression of the Black vote.

From the corrupt election of 1876 to the 1950s, the Democrat Party retained the “Solid South” and exercised tyrannical power, especially over Black citizens. This society was what Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. witnessed in his day. The corruption and abusive tactics of state governments under Democrat control were challenged by Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. who began to impact the South late in 1955 with the Montgomery Bus Boycott. King emerged as a true leader. On May 17, 1957, Dr. King travelled to Washington, D.C. to give an important speech at the Lincoln Memorial. In 1957—years before his “I have a Dream” speech—he addressed 25,000 civil-rights activists about restoring voting rights for the oppressed Black Population in the Democrat-controlled South.

In 2022, patriots need to re-connect to the spirit of non-violent civil disobedience that was at the core of the Civil Rights Movement because the Democrats still have not given up on democracy, which is just another term for mob rule and retention of power at all costs. It must end in such a time as this.

Jonus Freeman — Bio and ArchivesJonus Freeman is a conservative political commentator who has written for numerous online publications including Canada Free Press, Communities Digital News, Examiner.com, Fairfax Free Citizen, Red State, and The Washington Times (Communities)

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