Climate Trailblazers: Towards Net Zero

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How will the world achieve net-zero by 2050? Firstly, through a renewable energy transition. Battery Energy Storage Systems are unleashing the power of renewables, by supplying grids with green uninterrupted power. Microgrids are powering remote communities, and helping countries grow adoption of renewables quickly and cheaply. Whole regions could also cooperate to achieve collective goals through interconnected grids. Meanwhile, the aviation and maritime industries – long considered hard to abate – are exploring multiple strategies to decarbonise. Trials on “future fuels” like hydrogen and ammonia are underway, while adoption grows for Sustainable Aviation Fuel. At the same time, a financial revolution is gaining momentum. Carbon taxes and voluntary carbon markets work together to compel firms to decarbonise. This, as private capital catlyses transformations, and provides much needed funds to drive breakthroughs and innovations in new technologies.


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