City Council approves rezoning project on Monte Sano

HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WHNT) — Back in March, the Huntsville City Council Planning Commission approved a proposal to allow developers to begin construction for new townhomes adjacent to Bankhead Highway in Monte Sano.  

On Thursday, residents of Monte Sano made their way back to city hall for the council meeting to oppose the plan. 

To the dismay of those concerned residents, the council did approve the rezoning for the project to build the townhomes dubbed “The Summit at Monte Sano.”

The Planning Commission is proposing the addition of 64 single-family homes to that neighborhood. 

The homes will run directly from Bankhead Parkway to Gaslight Way, known as the busiest stretch of road on Monte Sano. Residents say that the traffic as it stands is horrendous in Five Points and to add another 150 or so cars will make it dangerous to negotiate.

Residents took to the podium to voice concerns about the long-awaited project. 

“We are the best city to live in the United States right now,” said Monte Sano resident Eliza Reedy. “My concern is that if we allow this type of development that changes a lot of our rules and regulations that we are going to continue to see people push the boundaries and we are going to end up with a place that is no longer on the list of best places to live.”

Jeff Delmas lives on Gaslight Way and says the proposal to build new homes will enhance the neighborhood.

“I’d love to see the entire tract remain undeveloped, but the owners have a right to build, and I prefer this plan over a more impactful development,” Delmas stated.

The council will discuss when the construction of the project will begin in the next session.   

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