Canadian gelato shop owner breaks down over threats for supporting truckers

Tammy Giuliani, who owns Stella Luna Gelato Café in Ottawa, Canada, opened up on “Jesse Watters Primetime” Thursday on what it has been like after a donation she made to support Canadian truckers protesting against COVID-19 mandates was made public, and later reported on in the media.

GIULIANI: I think never in my 56 years have I ever experienced a country so divided, so full of hatred toward friends and neighbors … You know, they may have opinions that differ from theirs, but they’re so willing to publicly shame and humiliate and spew forth angry vitriol. You know, we have been called terrorists. For the first 60 to 36 hours, we were inundated with hatred, with threats of violence. People threatened our team on the phone, telling them, “We’re coming to get you. We’re going to throw bricks through your window. You’ll pay for this, you # supporter.” I personally have been called a “disgusting pig of a woman” and that I should rot in hell. Our rural shop out in Marrickville, Ontario, someone draped a large bedsheet over a sign.—More…

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