Biden thinks to put a kink in Second Amendment as states ramp-up constitutional carry

Biden Targeting the Second Amendment


Always working to undermine citizens’ rights to protect themselves from wrongdoers’ and government infringement on their lives and livelihood, current White House occupant, Joe Biden, has crossed that line.

Unable to leave well enough alone – what power hungry liberal does? – Biden called out as virtual criminals any freedom-loving, law-abiding citizen crass enough to own, build and use firearms. Falling back on the aggressive, in-your-face attitude common with dementia patients, he yelled inanely about deer needing kevlar vests to fend off legions of Elmer Fudds who couldn’t hit the side of a barn to roll out another illegitimate regulation.

Biden has no concept of why the Second Amendment reiterated constitutional rights of the citizen

Targeting the Second Amendment, yet again, Biden disparaged AR-15s as assault weapons and closed in on “ghost guns” in an effort to categorize citizens that manufacture personal firearms or own an Armalite Rifle or similar firearm as violent offenders. In reality, it appears the ATF regulations proposed don’t change much (the video encapsulates this opinion).

For someone who recommended firing a shotgun into the air to ward off burglars, this man has no concept of why the Second Amendment reiterated constitutional rights of the citizen, clarifying the limitation of government. Biden, like so many liberals on both sides, seems to think that dashing a signature on a new rule can alter the Constitution.

What’s fascinating is how states are slamming the door on executive actions by making certain their citizens are free to carry firearms on their person without a permit issued by an authoritarian administrator, which includes the president no matter who holds that title of office.

Twenty-four states, thus far, have instituted constitutional carry, the right to keep a firearm on their person without acquiring government-issued certification. Many states are entering into reciprocity with other states, recognizing equal footing for licensure or constitutional carry, which is the ability of citizens to carry concealed weapons without passing onerous prerequisites to receive a permit.

Open Carry States

There are still many open carry states where individuals may choose to wear their firearm in plain sight without government interference. This includes socialist enclaves like Oregon despite administrative and legislative efforts to restrict this basic right.

The bottom line is that as hard as socialists are endeavoring to strip the Second Amendment right to be armed against real criminals (government comes under that category all too often), executive orders and regulations cannot overrule the one Law of the Land – the Constitution of the United States of America. All other statutes, regulations and administrative orders or memoranda are not law unless they adhere to the Constitution without torturing the distinct language and meaning. And this regulation that has been authorized with impudence, expecting to override actual Law (among many equally impotent mandates), won’t stand up against the constitutional test.

Carry on, Americans.

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