AUS 5/0 (0.3 ov, Aaron Finch 5*, Cameron Green 1*, Hardik Pandya 0/6) – Live – India vs Australia 2nd T20I Match Live Score, Summary

9.27pm Finch and Green are in the middle. Hardik will bowl the first over. A slip and a very fine short third in place.

Kushagra : “7 batsmen in an 8 over game? Logic please. Plus only 4 genuine bowler with Pandya being the 5th bowler. Strange team selection this.” — That’s because each bowler can bowl two overs, so ideally four bowlers can do the job. The fifth bowler is more of a cushion in case someone gets injured or goes for plenty in his first over. An extra batter means you don’t have to worry even if you lose wickets while throwing your bat around.

Balaji: “Guys, this is a sport and take it that way. It’s fun to watch 8 overs game for a change. Don’t take the result of this game seriously but don’t take away the fun away from today’s game. Am waiting “

Kumar: “This is ridiculous, this match had to be called off!. 20 overs itself is a lottery game, imagine 8 overs!!. Conditions are not perfect for the safety of the players ” — The umpires did ensure that it’s safe to play.

Here are the XIs:

India: 1 Rohit Sharma (capt), 2 KL Rahul, 3 Virat Kohli, 4 Suryakumar Yadav, 5 Rishabh Pant, 6 Hardik Pandya, 7 Dinesh Karthik (wk), 8 Axar Patel, 9 Harshal Patel, 10 Jasprit Bumrah, 11 Yuzvendra Chahal

Australia: 1 Aaron Finch (capt), 2 Cameron Green, 3 Steven Smith, 4 Glenn Maxwell, 5 Tim David, 6 Matthew Wade (wk), 7 Pat Cummins, 8 Daniel Sams, 9 Sean Abbott, 10 Adam Zampa, 11 Josh Hazlewood

9.15pm India have won the toss and opted to bowl first.

“I don’t know what to expect from a game like this but it’s nice something is happening,” says Rohit, “so many people have come out to watch us. An eight-over game is challenging, you don’t know what to expect. We just had a huddle and I told them to go express yourselves. Bumrah is back for Umesh. We have left out Bhuvi for Pant.

“We also wanted to bowl,” says Finch. “We have two changes. Nathan Ellis is out injured. Daniel Sams replacing him. Sean Abbott comes in for Josh Inglis.”

Aryann: “What’s the reason for Arshdeep not being the squad, injured or dropped?” — Think he has been rested. He is part of the squad for the South Africa T20Is.

9.00pm The Indian players are in a huddle. Rohit is speaking to them.

Regan: “I would go in with pandya, Ashwin, axar, Chahar, bumrah, Arshdeep” — Arshdeep is not part of the squad.

8.50pm Good news. “There has been lot of improvement,” says Nitin Menon. “Although the conditions are not perfect, they are safe to play. And we have an eight-overs-a-side contest. The toss will take place at 9.15pm. The first ball will be bowled at 9.30pm. A bowler can bowl a maximum of two overs. The powerplay will also be of two overs.

8.45pm Nitin Menon is speaking to Finch and Rohit. The groundstaff, meanwhile, are sprinkling more sawdust on the wet patch.

8.40pm The two umpires are in the middle to have another inspection…

kirky: “Shashwat : “Conditions can change? I mean 99 per cent of the time they win the toss and bowl first! ” Fair point, Shashwat.If you know you have a 5 over game at the toss, your team could be very different than if you had a 20 over game.”

Anoop: “I am currebtly working on a cricket ground in Dallas Texas, . The ground will drain in 30 minutes even without sun . You don’t need indoor stadium but a better drainage cross section. Grand Prarie stadium will be ready next year Septemeber “

Meanwhile, teenager Treesa Jolly is one of India’s rising stars in badminton. She started on the mud courts in a village in Kerala and now she has two Commonwealth Games medals to show. This is the story of her fascinating journey.

8.15pm Thanks, Alex. The wait continues.

Hemant will step back in as we literally wait for grass to dry.

8.10pm The umpires are telling the TV broadcaster that the area of concern at wide mid on is soft and moving under foot and not safe for the players right now. They are still waiting for that. It is not drying as quickly as expected. They are still hopeful the ground staff can dry it up in time. The umpires are concerned about the safety of the players only. Next inspection at 8.45pm.Ravi Prakash: “If Cricket truly wants to be in the pantheon of globally popular sports, then it must innovate to find a solution to rain woes.This millennial generation doesn’t have appetite or patience for delays. But, what is the solution ?Indoor stadiums ? Or one over indoor decider to declare a winner ?Or mandatory, hi-tech drainage facility at all grounds ( Like Bangalore stadium) “Dhiaj: “Frustrating. Ground condition should be handled well at this level. No excuses. Its an international match, not some local school cricket.”Saurabh Jain : “Do we have a reserve day in case this match is washed out? ” No. Game three is on Sunday and the teams have to travel Hyderabad tomorrow. And Australia fly home on Monday.

8.05pm The umpires have finished their inspection and headed back inside to talk to the captains. Rohit Sharma is laughing. The discussions between the captains and umpires lasted less than 30 seconds. The umpires have headed back onto the ground. The captains haven’t shown any urgency. Aaron Finch wandered back to the Australia coach Andrew McDonald and didn’t say much. Everyone waits. Sid Monga: “9.46pm latest possible start. It is not looking good right now.”

8pm The area they are most concerned about is at a wide deep mid on and the ground staff have been focusing on it. Clearly the water from the heavy rain has all pooled in that spot over the last few days and it hasn’t dried. Perhaps there was a gap in the covers there. The umpires are inspecting it now. The umpires are having a long discussion. The players are all waiting in the rooms. They are all still in warm up gear, including the captains. Apparently we can make up 30 minutes but we’ve already lost one hour at least.

A fabulous career will come to a close tomorrow at Lord’s when Jhulan Goswami gallops off into the sunset. She’s been with the Indian team for 20 years. So many memories (Click here to watch some). So many stories (Click here to read some). And even one small regret (Hint: it’s about this cup that great athletes desire above all else).

7.45pm Ravi: “Never understood this concept of not having toss in the background during rain affected matches. While we all wait, the least they can do to save some time is get done with the toss. Pretty confusing. ” The captains and teams need to know what playing the surface looks like. Conditions can change and it can change their thinking. Hence they delay the toss. Shashwat : “Conditions can change? I mean 99 per cent of the time they win the toss and bowl first! ” Fair point, Shashwat.

7.35pm Aoun: “While we wait for the ground to dry in Nagpur, let’s focus across the border where another T20 game is about to begin. Can another Babar Masterclass impact Sky’s T20 ranking who just went past Babar?” Pakistan have won the toss and will bowl. In case you missed it, here are the updated ICC T20I rankings. Suryakumar Yadav has climbed to No.3 ahead of Babar Azam on the batting rankings. Josh Hazlewood remains the No.1 T20I bowler. Fa: “What can be done in an hour that could not have been done throughout the day?” Excellent question, Fa. I’m sure there is an answer. I do not have it though.

7.25pm The ground staff are trying to dry the outfield. I’m told there was a lot of rain on Wednesday night in Nagpur and the ground was under covers all of yesterday without much sun to dry things out. Jack: “I’m frustrated as well Alex. I made the maybe pointless decision to dive further into my sleep deprivation, only to see some groundstaff throw sawdust like a baker throws flour when dusting bread…” Catch some z’s Jack. Anand: “I have been of the opinion for some time now that Harshal despite his IPL numbers doesnt deserve to be on the flight to Aus. His 80 mph and slower balls will only work in UAE and on slower Indian pitches. He will get exposed in Australia like he has been before (Jadeja, Wade)…” Nathan Ellis has been successful in the BBL with similar speeds, trajectories and slower balls. And he was phenomenal in Mohali on a beautiful batting track in Mohali with pace and bounce.

Thanks Hemant. Frustrating night ahead it seems. Randy: “When will we start to lose overs?” We’re going to lose at least at hour.

Alex is back to keep you company for the next one hour.

7.05pm Okay, the umpires aren’t happy with the ground conditions. The next inspection is at 8pm.

Anvesh: “Did it rain in Nagpur recently? Why is the ground wet? It should have been prepared for international T20 by now.” — It definitely rained yesterday, because of which India’s practice session was also cancelled.

6.57pm The two umpires, KN Ananthapadmanabhan and Nitin Menon, are in the middle for the inspection. Fourth umpire Anil Chaudhary is also out there. Meanwhile, the groundstaff is sprinkling some sawdust on one of the wet patches near the boundary line.

Arnav: “I disagree with @NethraReya’s comment….It is not that MI had always been star studded…rather in fact, the MI setup managed to groom many of their youngsters as stars!!!”

Nitesh Chandra: “India needs to accept that no matter what bowlers it chooses, they may go for runs. Best is to go for a batting heavy approach and score above par every time. My 11 (in batting order) will be: Rohit, KL, Kohli, Hooda, SKY, Pandya, Karthik, Axar, Harshal, Bhuvi/Chahar, Bumrah”

Mahesh: “Is it raining now and why is the toss delay?” — No, it’s not raining. But it seems the ground is damp. Okay, here’s the official word: it’s because of wet outfield.

NethraReya: “Sorry to say, but to judge Rohit’s captaincy based on MI legacy isn’t right. MI always had a star-studded team. Like Ponting had a mighty Aussie side, it’s easy to win titles with a great team. To be honest MSD was a great captain and VK led the team well too. Rohit needs to carry the team forward based on performances and not with his IPL captaincy record. “

6.25pm The toss has been delayed. There is a ground inspection scheduled at 7pm.

Manu Ajmani: “As much as one would question a few decisions made by Rohit Sharma the captain in the last few matches, he might be on to something with the World Cup in sight. Maybe Rohit is not a Dhoni who could make any combination work, but seeing his IPL record, he might be one of the best captains when he has a full-strength team at his disposal. Bumrah’s inclusion will bolster that confidence by ten-fold. All India needs is a wicket taker during middle overs to be a real threat at any surface!”

6.20pm Here’s what Ravi Shastri has to say at the pitch report: “It’s a two-paced surface. There’s some rain around later so that the team that wins the toss will be looking to bowl first.”

Thanks, Alex.

6.15pm Time to hand over to Hemant ahead of the toss. Good evening Hemant.

6.10pm A reminder to our fans in the US. You can watch this second T20I between India and Australia LIVE on ESPN+Mustafa Moudi : “I know its highly improbable, but India’s 3 Pacers must be Bumrah, Arshdeep and Chahar. Bowl out Chahar in the Poweplay and he would most probably destroy the Top Order while Bumrah and Arshdeep can take care of the Death overs !!”

6pm Good evening and welcome to Nagpur for game two of this three-match T20I series between Australia and India. Alex Malcolm and Hemant Brar in commentary tonight. Sid Monga is doing the analysis. Here is Hemant’s preview of the 2nd T20I. Australia are 1-0 up following a stunning chase in Mohali. India’s death bowling is under a microscope. Meanwhile, all eyes are on Cameron Green to see if he can repeat the sensational showing he produced in game one having never opened in professional cricket previously.JOYDEEPSINGHGIL: “Maxwell one six away for 100 t20i sixes and hazlewood 2 wickets away for 50 t20i wickets and Smith 37 runs away for 1000 t20i runs and pandya 45 runs away for 1000 t20i runs”Karteek : “I’m so exited to see Bumrah in action today. One of the most awaited players in this series. “

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