Are The Democrats and Mainstream Media Starting To Throw Joe Biden Under The Bus?

With a weak Biden at the helm, it looks bad for Western Democracies


Ever since Joe Biden started running for president, the word was out that Ole Joe Biden was not working with a “full deck”.  Even years ago, when Joe was more translucent, and before his competence became a national issue, Joe Biden was known as a walking, talking gaffe machine.  It has now gotten worse since he became president.  His ardent followers will not admit that Joe has a problem, almost like “cult followers” that look upon their leader with awe and reverence, they will excuse his gaffes and malapropisms and blame it on the snarky Republicans.  It’s not only the Republicans that think that Ole Joe is a “few fries short of a Happy Meal”, but now one of the biggest Joe Biden supporters, the N.Y. Times, has said that “Joe Biden is Alarmingly Incoherent”.  Are the Democrats and the mainstream media starting to throw Joe Biden under the bus?

With the inflation rate the highest since 1982; the price of gas at the pump keeps averaging over $3.00 per gallon (when Trump left office the price of gas was $1.87); the price of food and other staple items are rising every week; and the world situation is getting edgier every day; and the apologists for Biden are getting fewer and fewer.  It seems whatever Joe touches, it seems to get worse. It seems “Murphy’s Law” and Joe Biden are joined at the hip.

It is quite evident that many of Biden’s supporters are now having “buyers remorse”. It seems that they bought “lock, stock, and barrel” that Joe was going to be a calming influence after 4 years of ‘turmoil’ during the Trump Administration, and his battles with the disgruntled Democrats and the “fake news” media.

The incongruity of a candidate conducting a presidential campaign from his home basement bunker is almost too real to believe.  Of course, Biden had a great deal of help in trying to make Trump a one-term president. The social media, Facebook, Twitter, the N.Y. Times, Washington Post, NPR, and other platforms, used their enormous information might in making Joe Biden someone he clearly was not.  The hatred for Trump was very real.  In addition, it just so happened that when the campaign began in earnest, the Chinese virus emerged which was a contributing influence on the outcome of the election results.  It was a known fact that China would rather deal with Biden than with Trump.  Trump put the screws on China with his punitive trade policies on Chinese imports, so it was quite convenient that a deadly virus just so happened to come into existence during the presidential campaign, which cast a big negative influence on the Trump campaign.  Could it have been Chinese revenge?

Getting back to Joe Biden’s competence, it has been quite obvious to other leaders around the world that Biden is the antithesis of Trump.  Many countries did not like Trump, but, more importantly, they did respect him, as he said what he meant and he meant what he said.  Look around today to see what is happening that most likely wouldn’t be happening if Trump was still president. 

China has become very belligerent toward Taiwan which implies that they want to bring Taiwan back into China; the Russians are massing forces on the border with Ukraine with minimal concern of the Biden Administration; the Iranians are nearing completion of a nuclear bomb while Biden tries to resurrect the awful Iranian Nuclear Deal that the Obama/Biden Administration negotiated with the instigation of that Iranian apologist, John Kerry.  One can only hope that our antagonists will not carry out their evil intentions, but with a weak Biden at the helm, it looks bad for Western Democracies.  Joe Biden does not exude strong leadership, so the world situation most likely will get worse before it gets better.

So yes, as much as I do not take the N.Y. Times seriously, I do believe them when they say that Joe Biden is “alarmingly incoherent”.  Our only hope is to change the leadership and the majority in the House and Senate in 2022.  It can’t come soon enough.

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