Alabama GOP candidates in 3-way race for U.S. Senate

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – As the U.S. Senate Republican primary race approaches in Alabama, Katie Britt, current Congressman Mo Brooks, and latecomer Mike Durant have emerged as frontrunner candidates.

Durant announced his campaign in October, months after his opponents stated their intent to run for office.

“90 days ago, what was a two-way race, Britt and Brooks, has become a three-way race,” said Alabama political analyst Jess Brown.

In the past month, multiple polls have shown Durant has moved into contention with early leaders Britt and Brooks. Brown told News 19 Durant presents voters with a clear message and a dominant personality.

“He distinguishes himself from the field as a result of his military experiences, his Black Hawk Down experiences,” Brown said. “Also, Mr. Durant has found an issue that has been known to previously resonate with Alabama voters: ‘I’m the outsider. I’m not the career politician or a lobbyist.’”

Alternatively, Britt and Brooks have high-level endorsements and years of experience working in and around Alabama politics. Britt formerly served as Sen. Richard Shelby’s Chief of Staff, and she has the endorsement of her former employer.

Brooks has appeared alongside former President Donald Trump at political rallies.

“Usually when you’re getting financed, especially from voters, those are going to translate into votes,” said Alabama Political Analyst Jay Town. “If you have an endorsement or a particular point of view or experience as a candidate you want voters to know about, you have to have money to get that message out.”

Based on federal election campaign reports from January, Britt leads her opponents in campaign contributions. She reports more than $4.9 million in total campaign funds.

Durant trails Britt’s lead with $4.3 million in contributions, and Brooks reports $2.1 million.

“If you start following who’s raising what, you are going to see who’s doing well. I wouldn’t even worry about the polls,” Town said.

The Republican primary will take place on May 24. If necessary, a primary runoff is scheduled to take place on June 21. Lillie Boddie, Karla DuPriest and Jake Schafer are also in the running.

The race will determine who will be the Republican candidate for the general election in November to take Richard Shelby’s seat in the U.S. Senate. Shelby has served six terms as an Alabama senator and announced his intent to retire in February of 2021.

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