9 Tornadoes Confirmed in Central Alabama — April 5th

Last week multiple disturbances passed through the region leading to some pretty active weather for the southeast. Taking a closer look at last Tuesday’s severe weather event, April 5th, nine tornadoes have been confirmed in Central Alabama. Of these nine tornadoes, two were EF-2 strength, four were EF-1 strength, and three were EF-0. Thankfully, there were no reported injuries or fatalities related to any tornadoes.

Above is a look at the two paths from the two tornadoes to touch down that day. The first was the strongest, an EF-2 tornado with peak winds of 125 mph, that touched down to the southeast of the Wetumpka community. The tornado was on the ground for about six minutes producing a damage path of just over 3.5 miles. Thankfully, this tornado mainly moved over the wooded areas leading to mainly tree damage.

The second EF-2 tornado touched down in Pike County northwest of Troy and traveled northeast before lifting in Montgomery county. Damage along the 12.6 mile damage path included uprooted trees, minor roof damage to buildings, and a metal barn that was completely destroyed. Peak winds are estimated to be 120 mph.

Here in the Tennessee Valley, this system brought a batch of heavy rain and isolated storms to the area. The rain activity pushed through the region during the morning hours, which lead to ponding on roads for the early morning commute. Some of the storms that passed through were certainly electric, above is a look at the lightning in Scottsboro that morning.

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