3 Alabama broadband bills headed to House



MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — A series of bills that would expand broadband access in Alabama made their way through the House Urban and Rural Development Committee.

One of the bills would increase the minimum service threshold for high-speed internet, making upload and download speeds faster.

Another one requires service providers to meet federal regulations. The final bill would allow counties to spend federal dollars on public or private broadband programs.

Sen. Clay Scofield (R – Guntersville) says broadband is the infrastructure challenge of our day.

“If we want to recruit 21st-century jobs to Alabama, if we want to train a 21st-century workforce, if we want to provide 21st-century health care, we’ve got to provide 21st-century infrastructure, and that is broadband,” Scofield said.

All three bills passed the Senate earlier in February. They now head to the House for a vote.

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