256 Family hosts 7v7 scrimmage

MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) — High school football in… February? Bob Jones High School was the site of a 7v7 scrimmage between 256 Family and Team Grind Hard.

256 Family was founded by Alabama A&M Football Hall of Famer Kendrick Rogers Sr. in an effort to bring kids together to compete.

“This is 256 Family,” said Rogers. “We [are] here to represent North Alabama. The word family meaning that we try to incorporate all the kids in North Alabama to give them something to give back to their school to be polished.”

“It’s a 7 on 7 organization that’s non-profit and we’re just trying to give back to the kids,” continued Rogers. “It’s easy for kids to get together and compete with each other but when they get the chance to compete with each other and we can represent one common cause which is 256 we can’t go wrong and they’re enjoying it. They’re loving it.”

The organization is made up of 70 athletes from the Tennessee Valley with 18 and up and 15 and up age groups.

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